Surprising "Draw" to WP7 Metro

August 9, 2011

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My husband is an early adopter. We both got G1s when Android launched,  and he was first in line for the HTC HD7 when WP7 was released. He is head-over-heels in love with the usability of that phone. He has convinced quite a few friends & coworkers to get WP7, and they all love theirs.

With the RTM of Mango, I’ve found myself getting really excited about getting a Windows Phone 7 with my next phone upgrade. Some might call it late, especially since I’ve been dabbling in WPF & Silverlight for a while, but I was an early adopter of Android, and hated my G1. I’m happy with what the “MyTouch Slide” I got ~18 months later can do for me, but that Android OS early-adopting experience made me swear off new platforms until after a few releases.

Metro UI

Last night, after a great talk by Chris Koenig on WP7 Mango Development at the North Texas Silverlight User Group, I won a cool door prize package that included a Windows Phone 7 Sketch Pad & Stencil Kit by

My 8yo daughter woke me at 3am this morning after she had a bad dream, so I got up with her. I showed her what I had won, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Katelyn: “Whoa, that is the coolest stencil I’ve ever seen!”

Me: “Me too. Check out this phone paper. Here you go – draw a phone app on it.”

Katelyn: “Ok but I don’t have to draw your phone, do I? I’d rather draw Daddy’s phone.”

Me: “Actually that’s made to draw ideas for phone apps on Daddy’s phone, so that would be perfect.”

I have an 18-year-old cat I have to give a lot of meds to, so I went to do that & came back to this drawing. Keep in mind, she did NOT go look at his phone; this was all from memory (btw she self-corrected her spelling of Angry Birds later, and Flowerz is spelled that way in a game he has installed):

I might be over-analyzing it, but this spoke VOLUMES to me about the Metro UI.

To be clear, I very strongly believe it’s a preference, and I believe that the “What’s better” answer is more of a “What do YOU like better” regarding UI. (In other words, I’m not saying anything is better or worse – I’m just sharing an experience & an observation).

She plays on my Android, her grandma’s iPhone, and her dad’s WP7, but what resonated with her more than anything else, so much that she was able to draw it from memory, was the Metro UI (followed by Angry Birds, of course, haha).

I found that fascinating.

4 Comments on “Surprising "Draw" to WP7 Metro”

  1. Paul Drew Says:

    I’m still blown away by the quality and detail from her drawings. My phone was on the charger when I woke up and she did it all from her mind without prompting. Crazy!


  2. Justin Weinberg Says:

    Great story Cori! While your story highlights the memorability of the metro UI, I’m personally amazed at your 8 year old’s talent! Fantastic stuff!


  3. Clark Sell Says:

    Having been an Android user for longer than I cared to be, my switch to WP7 has been awesome. The best part is the stellar battery. I can actually get a full day out of my WP7.

    But that doesn’t really change the fact that I can’t draw as good as Katelyn. Is she for hire?


  4. lschaibley Says:

    I’m waiting for the HTC Titan Windows Phone 7 to come out. Have been playing with Windows 8 Developer Preview and have fallen in love with the Metro UI. I’m also a long-time Android user but as soon as that phone becomes available with my provider, I’m switching.


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