FIX: Sitecore and .NET Framework 4.5

June 20, 2012


This just in: A solution was found today for the “Object of type ‘System.Int32’ cannot be converted to type ‘System.Web.Security.Cryptography.Purpose’” YSOD exception detailed in this blog post.

The solution says to:

  • Uninstall VS11 if you have it installed
  • Uninstall .NET 4.5 (Multi-Targeting and the core one)
  • Reinstall .NET 4 (yes, you need to)

DO NOT DO THIS!  (I wish I knew this Monday!!! I searched for HOURS, hoping for a solution that would prevent me from uninstalling.)

I’ve been in Sitecore training for the past 3 days, and my trainer was notified in an email this afternoon that THEY HAVE FOUND A WORKAROUND:


Change value to false in web.config:
<setting name=”Login.RememberLastLoggedInUserName” value=”false” />


Because I uninstalled, I have not tried this yet, but wanted to get the word out as soon as I heard of this workaround. Please let me know if this works for you (or doesn’t).

4 Comments on “FIX: Sitecore and .NET Framework 4.5”

  1. TruncatedCoDr Says:

    Hrm. I see that someone commented in that post to do the same thing. I tried that before I uninstalled & it didn’t work, but I’m hoping it’s because the comment had the setting name in lower case.


  2. Diver Says:

    This unfortunately did not work for me.


  3. Niklas Says:

    Works great. Thanks


  4. Jeremiah Flaga Says:

    it worked!!!! thanks a lot


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