Thanking a Personal Hero

July 16, 2012


I took the opportunity to thank a personal hero for my career last week.

As many who know me know how much I love being a programmer, I always promised myself that if I ever met Scott Guthrie, that I would take the opportunity to just say thank you.

The night before Scott Guthrie keynoted the (mindblowing) Microsoft Azure conference I attended on 7-10-2012, I wrote this down:

I know you meet many people across the world every day, but it’s very important to me, with every ounce of sincerity, gratitude & passion I possess, to simply utter two words to you: Thank you.

Thank you for understanding how different developers’ minds are when we try to consume & use technology.

Your vision & ability to bring frameworks & architectures to developers that empower & intoxicate, rather than intimidate & frustrate broke down my “barrier to entry” in technology, and I can’t tell you how grateful I will always be for that.

I never thought I’d find a career that could bring me as much joy as I get, not just solving problems, but creating solutions with code every day.

I am humbled & honored to meet you.

Although I did not take that piece of paper with me, or say much more than thank you, I believe (hope) my sincerity & intention came across.


p.s. Fun side note: After showing a programmer friend this picture, he asked me, “What did you SAY to him? Thank you for my career?” My response? “What, did you hear me?” He replied, “No, that’s just what I always wanted to say to him.”  That made me happy.

p.p.s. Holy cow, he is TALL!


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