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Git as an Environment Discovery Tool

August 24, 2012


I love discovering existing tools that can be used in new ways. This way to use git in a way I had not heard of is so badass (and by badass, I mean it’s going to save me an insane amount of time) that I have to shout it from the rooftops. Background I work for a marketing firm with many clients. […]

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ThatConference 2012

August 17, 2012


Developer Parent As a working parent of two young children, it is not easy for me to attend conferences. Thankfully, I have an unbelievably supportive spouse, without which (as you know if you have kids & have voluntarily attended an OOT dev conf), the thought of attending a conference would not even be on the […]

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Sitecore: How to Enable Media Library Item Preview

August 10, 2012


As a medical company who has to get version numbers from MLR (Medical Legal Review), managing pdf versions and going through workflow approval process for these files just like other site content is very important to one of our SiteCore clients. They were not happy that their Medical/Legal Sitecore reviewers/approvers would get the “no layout” […]

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Programming to an Interface

August 2, 2012


Although I’ve talked to people about this “aha! moment” of mine before, I’ve never blogged about it. Big thanks to Iris Classon for inspiring me with “365 questions” to be more open to microblogging, and to Julie Lerman for telling me about her on Twitter. Grasping programming concepts is hard, but I think the examples […]

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