Why Aren’t There More Women in Technology?

April 7, 2013

Girl, WIT

While doing a search on being my own roadblock, I recently stumbled up this video, entitled, “Overcoming My Biggest Roadblock, Myself” by Sabrina Farmer (a Site Reliability Engineer at Google responsible for Gmail), and was speechless. It’s so raw, so real, so honest. You can feel her vulnerability. Every word she spoke resonated to my core. The fact that she was brave enough to share her story is truly a gift, so without further ado…

Stop what you’re doing & watch this. It’s only 23 minutes long (the rest is Q&A) & explains EVERYTHING.

There is also a wonderful summary post of Sabrina’s talk, written by attendee Máirín Duffy.

Words just can’t describe how much this video resonated with me. Thank you, Sabrina for sharing your story.

3 Comments on “Why Aren’t There More Women in Technology?”

  1. pltprincess Says:

    https://medium.com/tech-talk/bdae04e46ec5 This speaks to a problem for women in the tech world.



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