That Conference: School Paper by My Daughter

June 10, 2013

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My kids’ last day of school was Thursday.

While going through the schoolwork they brought home, I came across this paper, written by my 4th grader at the beginning of the school year. It was so cute I had to share.

If you want to see my version of ThatConference 2012, I blogged about it here.

My Trip to ThatConference by Katelyn (9yo)

My mom heard about a new conference for developers like her. It’s called, “ThatConference,” so she bought us tickets to go.

Then I realized that this would be a special place. After a week or two, we packed our bags and headed off to Wisconsin. Then we got our bags and met my mom’s friend at the exit. He drove us to the Kalahari Resort, because that was where the conference was being held.

We went inside and got our room key. We went to our room and we dropped off our stuff. Then we went to look around.

There was a theme park that was inside, a water park inside and a water park outside. There was also a safari that my mom and I went to. On the safari, we got to see baby tigers.

I had a great time at “ThatConference.” I also went to a couple kid conferences too.

I learned about Kodu. Kodu is a game where you make your own video games. It is very fun. When it was my turn to leave, I was sad.

I realized that our trip was a very special place. I hope to go again next year! :-)

I asked her about a few of her “facts,” like going to the safari. She told me she wrote this at the beginning of the year, and is not sure why she called baby tigers on display in the lobby a safari, and we both had a good chuckle. Also, my friend she referred to is the wonderful Alan Stevens, who will, again, be facilitating the Open Spaces sessions. He was nice enough to offer us a ride to & from the airport.

She & I are very much looking forward to our special trip together, again this year (and I’m actually speaking there this year*, believe it or not =) Katelyn told me, “I’ll TOTALLY be there to support you, Mommy!” :-)

*I’ll be speaking with Keith Dahlby, whom I met last year when I was showing git to a few friends in the Open Spaces area, only to turn around & discover the creator of POSH-GIT (git for Powershell), himself, was watching me (new to command line AND git) fumble through while showing them my “aha moments.” Stories like that are pretty incredible (IMO), and abound at wonderful events like this, thanks to our great community :-)


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