Git to TFS Migration Experiment: Part 1

July 20, 2014

Git: Learning, Nerd, TFS

After doing a combo talk* with one of my earliest tech community heroes, Tim Rayburn, at the North Dallas .NET User Group a couple of weeks ago (what an honor =), I got an email from an attendee who had a business need to unify source control from various VCSs (like SCM) to TFS (yes, he knows TFS supports git, and the business requirement was to unify in TFS proper).

Having been curious, myself, how to do this or if it was possible (and because I could only find one post on the subject), I want to share my experiments & results.


(if you want to duplicate my experiment)

  1. Chocolatey installed
  2. GIT-TF installed (cinst git-tf)
    (Bridge built by Microsoft in Java, runs cross-platform)
  3. GIT-TFS installed (cinst gittfs)
    (Open-source Bridge, very mature, but only runs in Windows.)
  4. A git repository you want to push to TFS
    I cloned libgit2sharp, using:
    >git clone
  5. Create the project in TFS
    Neither git-tf nor git-tfs can *create* a new TFS Project, directly. Make sure to select, “Team Foundation Version Control:”

This started out as a blog post that got so long as I learned things, that I decided to break it up into a series, to publish more digestible chunks.

In my next post, I will explore connecting a git repository to a new TFS repository.


* “Intro to Git + Git-TFS” talk (just including this pic so I can reference it later, in a “googling my brain” kind of way =)



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