#IWasThere – Fun Event Pics / Blurbs / Etc

That Conference 2013

2013 ThatConference: Breakfast with @BrentSchooley @mjcichelli @scichelli @cheyennejclark

2013-08-12: Breakfast with @BrentSchooley @mjcichelli @scichelli @cheyennejclark

From http://www.flickr.com/photos/thatconference/9529363801/in/set-72157635112718954/

CodeMash 2013

2013-01-09: with @jonskeet @billwagner @khyperia

2013-01-09: with @jonskeet @billwagner @khyperia

Microsoft Cloud Summit 2012


2012-07-10: Meeting Scott Guthrie (@ScottGu)

Austin Code Camp 2012

I planned a 5-minute Lightning talk on GIT for Austin Code Camp & terribly misjudged the audience. Most of the attendees were from Headspring, and already knew it. I also had to cut it short. 5 minutes wasn’t as long as I thought it was.


2012-06-09: Git Lightning Talk

After a .NETDuino talk, I was so excited to show that speaker the .NET Gadgeteer that I jumped up & did an off-the-cuff, unrehearsed Gadgeteer Lightning talk. Not sure waht got into me – must have been all that energy in the room that day (plus wanted to redeem myself from other attempt =)


2012-06-09: Gadgeteer Lightning Talk

/build 2011

Build 2011

2011-09-14: met @AlanStevens & (very) briefly met @haacked

CodeMash 2010

CodeMash 2010 @CoriDrew @HackerChick

2010-01-15: Meeting @HackerChick

CodeMash 2010 @CoriDrew @KeithElder
2010-01-15: Meeting Keith Elder
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