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Programming & Barriers to Entry: More Thoughts

February 1, 2012


I’ve never seen a turnout at Dallas Hack Club like this past Tuesday night. What an awesome & diverse group of developers. Pairing languages included Ruby & C#, and even an F# & a (first time at Hack club) SmallTalk pairing. As fascinating as Hack Club Meetings always are, the different languages made the demos […]

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My Daughter’s First User Group Meeting

January 26, 2012

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When I received this email yesterday from Todd Stone, who runs the Dallas .NET Micro User Group, I called my husband to ask for his support picking up our 5yo so I could take Katelyn, our 8yo, to this meeting: Agenda: Shawn Weisfeld will demo a robot he built with Robotics Studio and a Kinect […]

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What? Me, Interesting? Are You Crazy or Just Being Kind?

March 13, 2011


Disclaimer: If you decide to read this, please do so with the understanding that this is MY story. I don’t (and I can’t) speak for anyone else. All I can do is tell MY experience. This was written as a soul-searching self-discovery after being so inspired by Scott Hanselman at Microsoft Web Camp in Austin […]

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