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What I Want To Teach My Daughters

July 27, 2013


Don’t let your gender, your race, or your differences define you. You are a person. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Doing so can narrow your perception of possible.You do not need rescued. Chivalry is respect. Appreciate it.When a guy offers his chair to you or gets the door for you or offers to help […]

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That Conference: School Paper by My Daughter

June 10, 2013

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My kids’ last day of school was Thursday. While going through the schoolwork they brought home, I came across this paper, written by my 4th grader at the beginning of the school year. It was so cute I had to share. If you want to see my version of ThatConference 2012, I blogged about it here. […]

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ThatConference 2012

August 17, 2012


Developer Parent As a working parent of two young children, it is not easy for me to attend conferences. Thankfully, I have an unbelievably supportive spouse, without which (as you know if you have kids & have voluntarily attended an OOT dev conf), the thought of attending a conference would not even be on the […]

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Technology in Elementary School

February 28, 2012


From 6:30 to 8pm this evening, my daughters’ elementary school held their 1st annual Technology Night: Experience how we use technology in the classrooms. This is a hands on activity for the parents and students. Please come and visit classrooms at each grade level where you can see various methods of technology use. This thing […]

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My Daughter’s First User Group Meeting

January 26, 2012

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When I received this email yesterday from Todd Stone, who runs the Dallas .NET Micro User Group, I called my husband to ask for his support picking up our 5yo so I could take Katelyn, our 8yo, to this meeting: Agenda: Shawn Weisfeld will demo a robot he built with Robotics Studio and a Kinect […]

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Proud Geek-Parent Moment

April 20, 2011


My daughter is 7 years old (2nd grade). In a car ride a few months ago, we had a short discussion about how cool it is that I write in a programming language that can get compiled & translated down to instructions a machine can understand, mentioning computers understand binary, or on & off, “like a light […]

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