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My Week at //build/ Part 3

January 17, 2012

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My apologies for this long-overdue wrap-up, but last quarter became really crazy. Not only did we move the family, but we got the very sad news that my father-in-law was in a fatal car accident & have been dealing with his affairs. Because a picture says a thousand words, I’ve posted my pictures from //build/ […]

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My Week at //build/ Part 2

October 3, 2011

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An interesting thing happened to me this week. A coworker came to my desk JAZZED UP. He told me he had read Part 1 & could feel my excitement through my post. It’s incredibly fun to be told what resonates with people. He told me he could totally identify with my description of dreaming to […]

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//BUILD/ Conference: Pipe Dream

September 14, 2011


I want to understand how to create/extend a badge scanner listener from a device that reads like a USB Keyboard Wedge. Since 2005, I’ve used a WinForms app, combined with a programmed barcode scanner, to listen for the key I programmed into the USB barcode scanners that read like a keyboard wedges. In my WinForms […]

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Silverlight, Learning & Why I Love Microsoft

July 12, 2011


Although this has been brewing in the back of my mind since the big “Silverlight is dead” fiasco back in October6, I wrote the bulk of this last month, when the firestorm from the Windows 8 preview7 went down (See Pete Brown’s moderator comment, which led to Rob Conery’s blog post8 about the incident). My […]

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