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I wrote my first blog post in an attempt to figure out how, where or even if I fit into the dev world. The outpouring of support I’ve received from so many wonderful, inspiring people in the tech community has been mind-blowing. Having the luxury of “just being me” in my posts (I don’t have to blog for work, and I’ve been at the same company since Oct of 2000) is probably the cause of a bit of over-sharing, but if I were good at hiding my thoughts & feelings, I might have chosen a career where I actually had to [gasp] TALK to people for a living =).

Even more surprising to me was discovering how therapeutic blogging can be. When I find myself stuck on a thought replaying it again & again like a broken record, writing about it has proven to be quite an effective (albeit time-consuming) tool that enables me to both explore it past that point that was stuck in my head, and to let it go & move on.

When I find myself talking someone’s head off about a topic, I’m learning that’s the real, “oh crap, I have to blog about this now to really figure out what’s bothering me or what I don’t understand,” which is why this blog is full of topics all over the spectrum.

BTW I picked the name “Truncated CoDr” for my blog because my name is Cori Drew. If you truncate Cori & Drew, you get “CoDr,” and I just happen to be a coder (programmer) for a living.

Oh… and since most programmers are male (and I’m not), that works with the name too :-D

p.s. RE: Nerd is the “werD”
For those of you asking, ‘what’s up with that,’ “werD” is my last name spelled backwards :-P

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