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ASP.NET Web API: Always Set Content-Type

September 5, 2012


I lost a few hours on my project one night last week because of this. Backstory I have been really enjoying my latest project using Asp.NET Web API & EF5. Although I’ve had a bit of a (mostly EF) learning curve, it’s gone swimmingly, and I’ve been blown away at the parsing magic performed by […]

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WCF HTTP Basic Authentication with SSL3 through Fiddler

May 6, 2011


I’m consuming a 3rd party REST api with WCF as documented here and it’s pretty slick, but I ran into a debugging issue when trying to debug my WebInvoke Method=”POST” [OperationContract] using Cassini & Fiddler due to these parts of the API Implementation: All access to the production system will be over SSL/TLS. HTTP Basic […]

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