June NDDNUG meeting: Bring Your Kids!

May 6, 2015


Last month, I had the honor of telling the North Dallas .NET User Group how our wonderful community has inspired my daughter in ways I couldn’t imagine. I shared stories from That Conference & Kidzmash, and had a few “what is possible in our community?” brainstorming slides.

A very cool thing happened today.

At the beginning of the May meeting, @mallioch announced these things about the upcoming June NDDNUG meeting (June 3, 2015):

  1. The primary meeting will be Lightning Sessions.
    To get an idea of how great it was last year, here’s the 2014 linkIf you want to speak about a topic for 5-15 minutes, email officers@northdallas.net
    1. Their location sponsor, MedAssets, is donating an additional room to host a concurrent tech kids meeting!
    2. NDDNUG is going to try to have a variety of topics each month.
    3. The 1st kids event will be hosted by Minecraft U!

If you are interested in this family-friendly user group meeting, please email officers@northdallas.net & let them know the ages of the kids you want to bring. If there’s enough interest, they might create a separate email blast for the next couple of meetings, while they’re taking this idea for a test drive.

A few notes about the 1st kids’ submeeting:

  1. Target age range for MinecraftU material is 7-16
    Curriculum: https://github.com/dealingwith/MU
    (but don’t let that deter you from emailing the above. NDDNUG wants to try things across the spectrum in the future, from Squishy Circuits to Scratch, if there is community interest).
  2. BYOD (kids will need to bring a machine to work on)
  3. Parents can choose to sit with their kids in the MinecraftU room OR attend the main NDDNUG meeting =) =) =)

I can’t express how happy this makes me. Being able to share my love of geekery with my kids AND not have to leave the family at home to attend a user group meeting is a dream come true :)

THANK YOU, NDDNUG, for trying something we’ve never seen in our area.
I can’t wait!


p.s. If you have any ideas about how to help them pay for kids’ food (donations? sponsor?), please email officers@northdallas.net =)

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